WGJ Ad Space Benefit Package & Promises
  • First Refusal:  Keep your ad space as long as you want.  Once you buy an ad space you'll have "First Right of Refusal" on whether you want to continue to advertise on that ad space.
  • Your Target Audience Is Here:  Whether you're a storefront, lawyer, grow & light supplier, delivery business, accountant, custom packaging, consultant, security company and/or anything in between your target audience which includes local customers and business owners within the entire industry are visiting our site every single day.
  • ​State Specific Ads:  Each State has their own unique website URL and ad space.  This ensures only your local target market is seeing your ad. 
  • Fight Competition:  Advertising with us is greatly helpful in meeting the forces of competition prevalent in the market. Continuous advertising is very essential in creating a trusted household name.
  • ​Increased Daily Orders:  Whether you're a brick and motor operation or online orders; adverting with us will increase your bottom line through driving traffic directly to your store or online marketplace.
  • ​Improve Brand Awareness:  Advertising keeps your business top of mind so consumers think of you when they require a product or service.  And this is especially true with us since ONLY local people will be seeing your ads.
  • Stand Out:  As the industry gets bigger and competition rolls in its important to find an edge.  Long well equipped advertising campaigns can set your brand apart from the competition.  It's vitally important to stay in front of your local target market and in a technology driven world there is no better way to do that then with local digital adverting.
Sales & Service
Email: support@wickedgoodjobs.com
  Frequently Asked Questions
What If Someone Else Wants My Ad Space After The 6 Months?
In Short, you have the first right of refusal for your ad.  So if you want to keep your ad for 5 years, you can.  Once you give up your ad you'll be moved to the back of the waiting line.
How Long Does It Take For My Ad To Become Live On The Webiste?
After you purchase your ad space you will be prompted to submit the necessary information we need to approve and prepare your ad for submission.  Once we receive the proper information your ad will be live within 24-72 hours.   
Do I Have To Pay Monthly?
No.  You pay for 6 months up front (prices listed on our site are for 6 months at a time) This ensures your ad will stay live for the entire 6 month duration.
How Do I Buy An Ad?
Email sales at support@wickedgoodjobs.com
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